Stanley Brothers: New Low-THC Marijuana Products ‘Life Enhancing Rather Than Mind Modifying’

The Stanley Brothers

Jesse Stanley, Co-founder and CEO of ReCreate.

The Stanley Brothers

The national discussion over marijuana legalization struck a tipping point back in 2012 when a five-year-old woman named Charlotte Figi started receiving marijuana oil treatments for serious epileptic seizures she experienced due to Dravet syndrome. When having numerous grand mal seizures a week, following those treatments her seizures decreased to a fantastic 2 or 3 monthly.

The product credited with improving her life– created by cannabis pioneers The Stanley Brothers– would later on be called in honor of the young girl: Charlotte’s Web.

In the years following, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta would point out Figi’s medical case as a wake-up call to Americans that cannabis, when used properly, was a helpful medication. Gupta’s groundbreaking documentary entitled Weed had the tagline “Why I changed my mind on weed,” and assisted trigger a motion of individuals understanding to the reason for medical marijuana.

Now the Stanley Brothers are assisting to initiate another potential sea change that takes them from hemp products– which legally contain no greater than 0.3%THC– into low-dose THC as a daily wellness supplement. Those items, called ReCreate, consist of beneficial uses of the entire cannabis plant, integrating them with botanicals and other functional active ingredients like ashwagandha, chaga and lion’s mane.

Co-founder and CEO of ReCreate, Jesse Stanley, sat down to discuss the next wave of marijuana consumers and how The Stanley Brothers’ brand-new formulated products can sit conveniently beside your tooth paste in your bathroom cabinet.

David E. Carpenter: The Stanley Brothers are best understood for CBD items– why the relocation now into THC?

Jesse Stanley: We do not see it as moving from CBD to THC. Prior to establishing Charlotte’s Web, our operate in the medical marijuana space opened our minds to the full-spectrum capacity of the plant, and that has actually been a guiding directive as we have actually grown our understanding. We’re devoted to harnessing all the helpful substances that cannabis needs to offer, whether that remains in hemp or marijuana, which both include CBD and THC in varying levels along with other significant compounds that operate better together. For us, the alchemy of dealing with the nature and the science of cannabis is to produce a balance of components for truly purposeful health outcomes. ReCreate represents the connection of whatever we’ve discovered along the way, from our early days in medical cannabis to Charlotte’s Web. This development was born from an ongoing dedication to discovery and development, a journey that we feel is far from over. With ReCreate, we were actually thrilled to reimagine THC as a daily supplement for brand-new and existing cannabis users. There’s a mistaken belief that CBD is the only health cannabinoid which THC originates from the devil’s lettuce, which reduces its real capacity to assist with common health needs. We developed ReCreate products with CBD and low-dose THC, Ayurveda botanicals, and other practical components that can sit conveniently beside your tooth paste in your restroom cabinet.

There are a great deal of marijuana products presently on the marketplace. How do you plan to stick out?

We believe that our commitment to continuous innovation and optimization of our items is a sign of our long-lasting dedication to the future of botanical health. For us, the focus is on producing safe and efficient products with foreseeable outcomes that make for a safe landing for new and existing cannabis consumers attempting to make strong wellness decisions in a really complicated market. This is something we experienced first-hand with Charlotte’s Web as it was a dedication to item quality and enhancing the lives of its community that catapulted it to an industry-leading brand name based on consumer love and trust.

With the group for cannabis broadening, where do you see your products having the most affect?

With ReCreate, we’re focused on what we’re calling the “awakened customer,” those who might have had previous experiences or perceptions of marijuana but are now taking a look at it in a different way for its health advantages. These could be CBD consumers that are now more comfy exploring the other useful cannabinoids that exist within the plant or people looking for natural alternatives to change or supplement existing therapies. Marijuana can be extremely daunting to these new customers. They look for products that supply them with a sense of safety, control and convenience. They are curious and happy to inform themselves on their alternatives however frequently it’s tough to discover clear and reputable sources of details. We hope that our experience and reliability in marijuana will help us foster a sense of trust with our customers. By developing a two-way relationship we will be able to establish a much better understanding of our consumer and progress with their requirements.

What’s the very best method for cannabis curious individuals, who might already have a great CBD regimen, to start their journey into THC?

Everybody is different so it is necessary they discover the level that they’re comfortable with and develop from there. It’s likewise essential to develop the intent of your health journey. Instead of guess, we strongly encourage individuals to speak to their doctors, discover a trusted dispensary, and speak to a bud-tender about which products would best resolve their needs. These not-for-profit groups can assist in answering questions, like what type of product may work best for you and your requirements: Americans for Safe Access, World of Caring, and Medical Jane

How does the combination of THC and CBD enhance the impacts of each?

We believe strongly in using the entire plant in all our items with all cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes interacting as nature intended. Charlotte’s Web products utilize a whole-plant extract derived straight from an exclusive hemp hereditary that produces a natural balance of cannabinoids with less than 0.3%THC, thus categorizing it as hemp and legal for sale. The exact same holds true for ReCreate, only with higher levels of THC. The useful residential or commercial properties of the plant are amplified when all the cannabinoids can work in consistency, this is commonly called ‘The Entourage Result’. When CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids are combined with low-dose THC, their integrated advantage is magnified when it comes to particular health results. Our products aren’t created to get you stoned out of your mind, rather they are formulated to accomplish the best balance of all the advantageous cannabinoids to get you precisely where you wish to be.

The Stanley Brothers

Recreate low-THC product line from The Stanley Brothers.

The Stanley Brothers

How can THC benefit individuals who are not mostly interested in getting high?

Our focus is on assisting people to support their health instead of getting high. Similar to any compound, more isn’t always much better when it pertains to THC. Customizing your experience to discover your sweet spot is a guiding instruction of our consumer education point of view. Humans are currently well familiar with continuous optimization. We constantly ask ourselves what mental or physical state we wish to remain in– if it’s focus, then we take caffeine; if we desire a sense of calm, we might practice meditation; relaxation, maybe a glass of wine. ReCreate products are purposefully created to supply additional option to balance and enhance your state of mind. They can be as much a part of a day-to-day routine as a nightcap or a morning smoothie. It is self-care at its highest type.

You’re consisting of other active ingredients in ReCreate– why the addition of plants and fungi like ashwagandha, chaga, and lion’s hair?

The wellness revolution is well and genuinely in effect and there is a thirst for knowledge with regard to the function plant-based therapies can play in everyday health. By integrating cannabinoids with popular practical botanicals, we are not only able to develop more reliable items but produce a bridge for customers who might currently integrate them into their wellness routines.

What is your greatest challenge heading into higher-THC items?

From an operations perspective, unlike CBD, THC products are governed on a state-by-state basis so all phases of the supply chain need to be found in the state in which the items are offered and produced to meet their guidelines. Consistency in our products, no matter where they are produced and offered is really essential to us and it’s something we discovered when we began to scale Charlotte’s Web. When individuals rely on your products for their health and well-being, companies have an ethical responsibility to customers, and they should not accept anything less than our absolute finest.

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